Rastafari Founders


Original 14 x 17 Framed Drawing (Pencil on paper)



Rastafari Founders

This drawing depicts Rastafari founders with our lord Qedamawi Haile Selassie in a three-quarter view with his crown on his head displaying a cross at the top. His young face with a full beard represents his early leadership. His eyes stare with confidence. His royally decorated garment is adorned with stars of David along with a sash across his shoulder. Around him are the founders of Rastafari. On his right is Brother Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert, a Jamaican  who lived in Costa Rica for 20 years but returned to the island in  1931 to propagate his new convictions about Ras Tafari.

Above Brother Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert  is the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the father of black nationalism. To the left of him is Prince Emmanuel, the high priest and below Prince Emmanuel is Brother Leonard Percival Howell, the first patriacrch of Rastafari. This drawing of Rastafari founders give a feel of unity in one God, one aim, one destiny.

14 x 17  Pencil on paper (This drawing will be delivered Framed)





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