Prophet Priest King


Original 14 x 17 Drawing will be framed. Prints will be matted.



Marcus Garvey, Prince Emmanuel and King Haile Selassie

Prophet Priest King

Done in pencil on paper this drawing depicts Marcus Mosiah Garvey to the far left staring with seriousness. The left side of his face is in shadow creating space and depth giving a 3-d appearance. His bold eyes communicates determination, self achievement and progress which he taught to the African race. Marcus Mosiah Garvey is the prophet who taught us pride within our race. He also prophesied the coming of a black king.

In the middle of this painting is King Haile Selassie wearing a crown with a cross on the top. He is displayed in a frontal position with a full beard and a detailed robe. His eyes brightly looks forward displaying is kingship. His royal blood line traces back to the lineage of Solomon and he being the last to sit on the throne of David fulfills the scripture that says Israel’s King is Israel’s God.

On the right is Prince Charles Edwards/ Holy Emmanuel who brought forth the priesthood of Melchizedek to the nation and to the Jamaican people. He also fought for redemption, repatriation and salvation.


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