Haile Selassie In His Palace


Original 14 x 17 drawing done in conte crayon



Haile Selassie In His Palace

This 14″ x 17″painting was done in red conte crayon. It portrays Haile Selassie In his palace seated on his throne. The Emperor sits upright ruling in righteousness. He wears  a military uniform with a cloak thrown over his shoulders while his hands are gently placed together making the trinity symbol. Haile Selassie looks straight ahead with firmness. Beside him is a large, fully grown male lion, sitting upright as to emulate him. His Majesty  is the conquering lion and this drawing shows the lion’s obedience to the Emperor. This piece invokes a feeling of strength and courage.

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11 x 14 Print, 14 x 17 Original, 8 x 10 Print

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