Emperor Menelik ll



18 x 24 Original Acrylic painting on canvas.

Original painting sold. Only prints are available.



Emperor Menelik ll

In this painting, Menelik ll sits on his throne wearing blood red Royal garnments decked with gold jewels, along with white under garnments. He looks fiercely straight ahead without a flinch. On his head is a crown adorned with lions mane. His left hand is stretched out holding the head of a full grown male lion with its mouth wide opened, while his right hand holds a black rod. The pitch black background is brightened with a piece of green curtain to his right. The bright green in the background helps to give the painting more color and brightness. This piece give feelings of victory and bravery.

Acrylic on canvas

18 x 24



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11 x 14 Print, 18 x 24 Original, 8 x 10 Print

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