Emperor Menelik ll and Lij Tafari


14 x 17 Original Drawing

Pencil on Paper



Emperor Menelik llĀ and Lij Tafari

This drawing depicts Emperor Menelik ll seated in a Royal gown as the custom of the Solomonic kings. He is decked out with the stars of David in gold, as well as crowns and vines running from his collar to his ankles draped in royalty. In his right hand, he holds a rod and in his left hand he holds the head of lion.

The Emperor looks straight ahead fully bearded with a fierce, brave expression. On his head he wears the main of a lion possibly from the lion he is holding in his left hand. Throughout history, Emperor Menelik ll victoriously safeguarded the territory of Ethiopia from colonial forces.

On his left is the young Lij Tafari. Although he’s young, there’s a strong sense of manhood and high spirituality at such an early age. The young savior appears to have his hair braided. He looks forward with his eyes boldly open as to be focused at the viewer. His mouth is closed as though in silent thought. He’s covered in a cloak from his collar down exposing only his hand.

This drawing tells a story of the Solomonic Kings as Lij Tafari would be next in line to the throne by right.

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