Haile Selassie Charcoal Drawing


18 x 24 Matted Charcoal Drawing



Emperor Haile Selassie

In this charcoal drawing, Emperor Haile Selassie is depicted in a frontal position as he looks straight ahead with a bold and courageous stare. Part of his face is in shadow as the other side remains in the light. This strong contrast not only gives his head a three dimensional appearance, but also adds mood to the overall drawing. His well groomed appearance exposes his cleanliness as he sits upright before us indicating his high level of awareness. This piece generates a feeling of awareness and sincerity revealing the characteristics of Emperor Haile Selassie himself.

18 x 24 Matted Original Drawing

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11 x 14 Print, 18 x 24 Original, 8 x 10 Print

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