African Leaders



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African Leaders

The composition of this painting “African Leaders” is exhibited in such a way that the main figure of Emperor Haile Selassie is portrayed in the center. To his right is Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Menen. On His left is Emperor Menelik II. Directly above Emperor Menelik is Marcus Garvey and to the left of Marcus Garvey is King Emmanuel.

Haile Selassie is depicted in a three-quarter view with a gold crown on his head. His garments are also decked with gold jewels and he also wears a green sash across his chest. Her Imperial Majesty also wears a gold crown with gold garments. She too is covered with gold jewels. She is also portrayed in a three-quarter view facing the other direction, yet still towards Emperor Haile Selassie. The left side of her face is in shadow, while the front is lit with the light as her eyes open bright with a glow. Above her, King Emmanuel is depicted with his head tilted to the side with an expression of intense feeling. On his head is a red, gold, and green turban and he is dressed in a red garment.

Next to King Emmanuel, Marcus Garvey stares boldly at the viewer as though he expects something of us. On his head is a red , black, and green hat representing the UNIA Pan-Africanism. Below Marcus Garvey is Emperor Menelik staring straight at us without a flinch, displaying emotions of valour. On his head is a Lion’s mane. His garments are decked with gold jewels too.

This combination of African leaders is composed so they compliment each other. Around them is gold light defining illumination. This painting was created to invoke a feeling of great power.

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