Haile Selassie Quotes

Haile Selassie Quotes

These are the words of Emperor Haile Selassie

17 important Haile Selassie quotes


1.”Since nobody Can interfere in the realm of God, we should tolerate and live side by side with those of other faiths”. -Haile Selassie


2. “If we permit ourselves to be tempted by narrow self interest and vain ambition, if we barter our beliefs for short term advantage, who will listen when we claim to speak for conscience”. -Haile Selassie


3. “Unless the rights of the least of men are assiduously protected as those of the greatest, the seeds of confidence will fall on barren soil”. -Haile Selassie


4. “If you are open-minded and ready to learn, there are many things which you can learn not only from books and instructors, but from the very life experience itself”. -Haile Selassie


5. “We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations, but to our fellow men within the human community.” -Haile Selassie


6. “Let us set our goals too high; let us demand more of ourselves than we believe we possess”. -Haile Selassie


7. “If the wealth of a person cannot be for the general welfare,what would he gain for himself and his offspring but grudge and hatred?” Haile Selassie


8. “It is our conviction that all the activities of the children of men, which are not guided by the spirit and counsel of God will bear no lasting fruit”. Haile Selassie


9. “We are convinced that by working with faith,perseverance,firmness and foresight,it is possible to accomplish much”.  -Haile Selassie


10. “We know that there are differences among us. Africans enjoy different cultures, distinctive values, and special attributes. But, we also know that unity can be and have been attained among men of the most desperate origins that differences of race, of religion of culture, of tradition are no insuperable obstacle to the coming together of the people”. -Haile Selassie


11. “Apart from the kingdom of God, there is no human government that poses greater merit than any other”. -Haile Selassie


12. “Without moral inspiration and guidance, can never of itself work for the good of all. Man,who is by nature selfish, must learn that only in serving others can he reach the full stature or attain the noble destinies for which God created him”. -Haile Selassie


13. “Academic freedom, unless it conforms to the common good of the society in which it is expected to be exercised, is meaningless”. -Haile Selassie


14. “An honest and persistent quest for truth is essential to the attainment of higher learning”. -Haile Selassie


15. “Man cannot live by bread alone. Man, after all, is also composed of intellect and soul”. -Haile Selassie


16. “Education develops the intellect, and the intellect distinguishes man from other creatures”. -Haile Selassie


17. ” That education which ignores man’s intrinsic nature, and neglects is intellect and reasoning power cannot be considered true education”. -Haile Selassie

These are Haile Selassie quotes.