About Troy

Ethiopian Fine Art is all about spreading the word of Rastafari through positive living while sharing beautiful paintings of the Lord Haile Selassie.

Troy Roberts is the founder and Artist behind the unique and reflective works of Ethiopian Fine Art. He aims to provide authentic art to individuals, families, galleries, and private collectors. His purpose is to specifically contribute towards building an African empire that will transpire into generations. As a humanitarian, Troy understands the importance of his duties to spread the word of Rastafari to the world, while he paints personal commissioned portraits. He aims and succeeds in representing the subject so well that the soul of the individual(s) is felt.

Troy soon discovered a way to salvation through Rastafari while applying his hand and mind to art. He discovered a deep desire in the rendering of the human face. Since that time, his journey and knowledge persistently increased. While in N.Y., Troy had the greatest opportunity to meet the well-known Russian Artist Jacob Torrossien . He studied under him for 2 years and later visited Russia for some time. This experience has greatly impacted his works and influenced his art today.

Troy’s style shows his desire for tones and shades as he capture the spirit of his subject, and his works express the mood of the atmosphere.

(c) Ethiopian Fine Art 2017

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